How to start a Tails Live Session to surf anonymously (slow virtualbox videos):

Video Ubuntu  to Tails

Video Linux-mint  to Tails

How to start a Kali Linux Live Session for anonymous ethical hacking (slow virtualbox videos):

Video Ubuntu  to Kali Linux Live 

 Video Linux-mint  to Kali Linux


 -Within the menu:

Start Ubuntu and search for  "ubu-live" and click on "ubu-live"


Or in Linux-mint:


Choose Tails and hit OK


Give your password and hit OK


The latetest version will be downloaded if not present. After that the pc will restart in Tails Live session


Tails is now started up as a live system in ram.

Choose language, keyboard layout and format, next hit "start tails"

greeter alpha

Start surfing without leaving a trace.